Resistant and flexible, these augers are the most practical and cheap solution for transporting on straight or curved lines, especially in livestock farms.


Also known as “constant thickness augers”, our special augers are manufactured with an increased thickness which makes them ideal for the transport of pellets or wood chips in biomass heating systems.


Primarily designed for transporting medium-light materials, continuous augers are the most used type of auger for the production of screw-conveyors in the cereal, milling and oenological industry.



Effective and cheap, helical turbulators are the most commonly used type of turbulators. Made of normal or stainless steel, these turbulators create an effective forced path for gases or liquids which increases the thermal efficiency of the heat exchangers.


Particularly resistant and flexible, our spring turbulators are the perfect solution for use in horizontal heat exchangers that do not require an elevated increase of the thermal efficiency.


Steel turbulators able to guarantee the maximum increase in the thermal efficiency of heat exchangers with diameters of the pipes bigger than 50 mm. These turbulators are also excellent for equipments with automatic cleaning system.


Our company is a benchmark in the augers and turbulators market since almost 40 years.


We aim for maximum manufacturing precision in order to offer our customers only excellent quality products.


A constant commitment to research and development allows us to keep on improving our production processes over time.


Eurospiral stands out for its capability to produce augers and turbulators according to the customers' specification.