Augers manufacturer

40 years dedicated to the production of augers, always aiming to achieve maximum quality and manufacturing precision


EUROSPIRAL’s history starts back in 25.01.1979 with the establishment of the company called “PERIN – Costruzioni Meccaniche Artigianali S.N.C. di Perin Gastone & C.”, specialising in general outsourced processing services.



At the beginning of the 80s we introduced, alongside our general processing operations, the production of flexible spirals dedicated to the poultry and zootechnical industry.



The experience and success in the production of these flexible spirals gave us the drive to start production of continuous spirals at the beginning of the 90s.



In May 1997, we completed the first significant expansion of the firm’s factory facilities, a necessary step given the continued increase in activities.



In October of that same year we decided to change the corporate set-up, turning it into a limited liability company under the name you all know and still carries today.
It is the 1st of October 1997 when EUROSPIRAL SRL was officially incorporated.



In 2005, the demand for increasingly innovative solutions for our clientele drove us to extend our production range to include special spirals alongside the now renowned flexible and continuous spirals.



In 2009 we then decided to extend the range of products and include helical turbolators.
Since then this product has witnessed constant growth and is still today one of our most successful products.



Given the constant growth of our company, we decided to expand the facility even further. So in 2015 we completed the second expansion of the factory buildings with the construction of the new office block.



We also completed the third facility expansion in 2018 to respond to the demand for more space in the warehouse and goods storage area.