40 years dedicated to the production of augers, always aiming to achieve maximum quality and manufacturing precision.

Eurospiral is a company specialized in the production of small to medium size augers and turbulators.
Founded in February 1979 by Mr. Gastone Perin as a general mechanical machining company, thanks to the skills and commitment of the latter, Eurospiral specializes first in the manufacture of flexible augers and then adds to his production range also the continuous augers, special augers for the transport of biomasses and turbulators.
Quality and utmost manufacturing precision have always been the company’s main goal and this is why all the production machineries have been conceived, designed, built and constantly improved within the company itself. These capabilities, combined with the experience gained in production, have also made it possible to produce augers and turbulators developed to meet specific needs.
It is precisely to the quality and the wide range of products offered, together with a constant attention to the customers’ needs, that Eurospiral owes its fast and growing development that has led it to become a national and international benchmark for the production of small to medium size augers and turbulators for many companies operating in different fields.


Our company is a benchmark in the augers and turbulators market since almost 40 years.


We aim for maximum manufacturing precision in order to offer our customers only excellent quality products.


Diligent attention to cutting-edge technologies allows Eurospiral to constantly improve and fine-tune its production processes.


Eurospiral stands out for its capability to produce augers and turbulators according to the customers' specification.